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Many computer users will experience data loss at some point or another because it is an unpleasant aspect of the digital age. Important files can be mistakenly deleted quite easily, which might cause unneeded stress while you try to recover them. Fortunately, erased files can be recovered with best data recovery software reddit even if you haven’t saved them up. The best data recovery software reddit is listed below. In this article, aods.info will discuss 3 best data recovery software reddit.

1. Disk Drill Data Recovery (Windows & macOS) РBest data recovery software reddit

A reliable and user-friendly piece of software called Disk Drill can quickly restore your data. While the Mac version can only examine recoverable files without paying a license, the Windows edition allows users to preview and recover up to 500 MB of data for free.
This best data recovery software reddit tool uses sophisticated scanning methods and offers a number of functions. To assist you in recovering as many files as possible, Disk Drill will execute all supported recovery techniques in the best feasible order. Users with only a basic understanding of computers can utilize Disk Drill’s user-friendly interface to easily retrieve their lost files. Its recovery capabilities will appeal to more seasoned computer users.
Disk Drill Data Recovery (Windows & macOS) - Best data recovery software reddit
Disk Drill Data Recovery (Windows & macOS) – Best data recovery software reddit

Free additional data security measures are provided by the program, which could speed up the recovery of recently lost files. While the Guaranteed Recovery function keeps entire copies of chosen files, the Recovery Vault feature allows you to keep the metadata. Regardless of whether you use Disk Drill for Windows or Mac, any files secured by these two features can be recovered without charge. Additionally, you can make byte-level backups of a disk that can be utilized to restore crashed storage devices.

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A fantastic selection of free data management tools, such as a duplicate file finder, secure data shredder, free space eraser, and disk cleaning, are even included with the Mac edition of Disk Drill. Disk Drill’s overall value is significantly increased by these features, making it worthwhile to keep it installed even if you don’t need to recover any data.


  • Recovery chances prediction
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Cross-platform saving of scan sessions
  • Support for virtually all disk-based storage devices
  • Sophisticated scanning algorithms that can find hard-to-find files
  • Free data protection tools
  • Free 500 MB file recovery with the Windows trial version
  • Disk Drill offers limitless previews on both Windows and Mac.


  • Lack of phone technical support

2. R-Studio (Windows, macOS, Linux) – Best data recovery software reddit

Software called R-Studio is available for purchase and was first developed for use by data recovery experts. It is now open to everyone and has increased usability over time. The utility is available in Windows, Mac, and Linux versions.
R-Studio (Windows, macOS, Linux) - Best data recovery software reddit
R-Studio (Windows, macOS, Linux) – Best data recovery software reddit
With a variety of recovery possibilities, R-Studio is a true cross-platform solution. No matter whatever operating system is hosting the software, files can be recovered from it using any supported method. This feature offers flexibility and eliminates the have to purchase several software versions. R-Studio allows for the recovery of data from local and external devices, as well as from PCs with LAN or Internet connections.

Many of the tool’s complex features might not be necessary for the majority of data loss situations because they were designed with data recovery specialists as their target audience. The company also offers R-Undelete, which gives beginner users a streamlined recovery experience guided by wizards. Within a year after purchasing R-Undelete, you can upgrade to R-Studio for just the price difference between the two programs. The application’s more advanced capabilities include a multi-language GUI, S.M.A.R.T. monitoring technology, and the capacity to make disk images.

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  • Demo version available
  • Cross-platform support for multiple operating systems
  • The utility also has a condensed version called R-Undelete.
  • Customize recoverable file types
  • Network capable data recovery
  • Reconstruction of RAID arrays


  • More expensive than other solutions
  • The interface and the numerous functions may be confusing to some people.

3. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (Windows & macOS) – Best data recovery software reddit

Users may easily recover deleted and lost files with the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, a data recovery solution. The free trial version of the tool enables users to recover up to 2 GB of data.
With a simple user interface and complete data recovery capabilities, this software can easily recover deleted information. To ensure that the right files will be retrieved, recoverable items can be previewed before to recovery. Filters allow you to modify the scanning procedure so that it only searches for the kind of files you want to retrieve.
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (Windows & macOS) - Best data recovery software reddit
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (Windows & macOS) – Best data recovery software reddit
The data loss scenarios that EaseUS covers include unintended data loss, formatting a disk, and virus infection. The software works with all disk-based storage systems and enables the recovery of hundreds of different file formats. Because of the tool’s straightforward user interface, which makes all of its features accessible, this data recovery solution is suitable for people with average computer skills.


  • Windows and macOS versions are available
  • Data recovery is made less unpleasant by an intuitive UI.
  • A sizable knowledge library on the website that assists users in recovering data
  • Recovers MS SQL databases and Exchange mailboxes
  • Good recovery results


  • The subscription model is more expensive than the alternatives.
  • Recovery of large files can be slow
  • No method to predict the likelihood of recovery before it occurs
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