Gillware Data Recovery Review

Gillware Data Recovery Review
What is gillware data recovery? These days, data loss due to circumstances beyond the owner’s control is rather prevalent. Someone could, for instance, erase your information if they believe you are no longer in need of it. Additionally, an unforeseen computer virus could damage or delete your crucial files.
Most of the time, lost data can be retrieved; in fact, a number of businesses provide data recovery services. A company that asserts to be able to recover deleted data is Gillware data recovery, for instance. We will assist you in determining whether the organization actually provides quality services in this evaluation. In addition, will demonstrate a more effective data recovery method.

Part 1. GillWare Data Recovery Review

Data recovery firm Gillware, Inc. has been in business since 2004. The business asserts that their RAID recovery services are top-notch. According to the company’s official website, it performs 15,000 recoveries annually on average. All storage devices and data loss scenarios can be recovered from by the Gillware data recovery team. The business asserts that third parties regularly evaluate its security methods, ensuring that consumer data is always safe and secure.

Gillware Data Recovery Review
Gillware Data Recovery Review

Main Features:

 Secure Data Recovery

The most notable feature of Gillware is security. The organization acknowledges that the lost information can be crucial to your company, you personally, or your family. This is why the organization takes all essential precautions to keep your data secure.

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 Cleanroom-Like Workstation Environment

The business asserts that it is certified as a cleanroom. This implies that data recovery is carried out in a sterile environment, speeding up the process.

 It Works with All Data Storage Devices

The Gillware data recovery specialists, according to the company’s official website, can retrieve data from any kind of data storage device. The business also supports data loss caused by a variety of circumstances.

 Fast Turnaround

One of the industry’s quickest turnaround times is offered by this company. Turnaround times range from one to two days.


The customer service might be better.Gillware data recovery received a 75% on a test of customer service. This suggests that their customer assistance offerings might not be up to par.
You are unable to retrieve the data on your own; Gillware needs access to your storage device in order to do so. Your data cannot be recovered on your own at home.
Costlier turnaround timesCustomers that want faster turnaround times must upgrade their accounts to premium service. Technicians will be assigned to the customer’s data recovery and will work on it continuously until all the data is retrieved.

The Business Lacks A True CleanroomThe company instead uses workbenches that resemble cleanrooms. When a business uses workbenches instead of sealed cleanrooms, there is always a danger that pollutants will get in.

Part 2. A Better Alternative of Gillware Data Recovery – AnyRecover

AnyRecover allows you complete control over the data recovery process, in contrast to Gillware data recovery. Instead of sending your storage device to a third-party organization, you may recover your data at your convenience using this application by installing AnyRecover on your computer, following a few straightforward onscreen instructions, and get your data back in a matter of minutes.

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A Better Alternative of Gillware Data Recovery – AnyRecover
A Better Alternative of Gillware Data Recovery – AnyRecover

How to Recover (Deleted) Data Using AnyRecover?

Step 1 Install AnyRecover on your Mac or Windows PC. After launching the tool, select the most ideal recovery mode. For our case, we will select Deleted Files Recovery.

Step 2 Select the location where you lost your data and then hit the Next button.

Step 3 Select the types of files you would like to get back and then click on the Scan button. Wait while AnyRecover analyzes the chosen storage device.

Step 4 After the scan, your lost files will be displayed. Select the files you would like to get back to preview and then click the Recover button.

Conclusion gillware data recovery:

Conclusion gillware data recovery
Conclusion gillware data recovery

You need not worry if you accidentally deleted some crucial files because you can recover them. The procedure ought to be quick, simple, and painless with the appropriate service or gear. You can recover your data with the aid of Gillware data recovery. You must bear in mind, though, that the service forbids you from recovering your personal data on your own; instead, you must rely on professionals. On the other hand, AnyRecover enables you to restore your own data in just a few minutes.

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