The Functional Salesforce Data Cloud : 4 Best ways

The Functional Salesforce Data Cloud : 4 Best ways

The real-time platform for customer magic is the salesforce data cloud. It allows your teams to meet your clients exactly where they are by harmonizing data that is updated every millisecond. Have you ever contacted a support number and wasted time explaining your purchase history to the representative in order to acquire the appropriate degree of assistance? How about perusing an online store hoping to find the jeans you’ve been eyeing for weeks but having to search around for them? Most of us are familiar with these situations. Anticipate that every interaction we have will be real-time and connected. Discovery more on

Salesforce Data Cloud : What are the data cloud’s business effects?

Salesforce Data Cloud : What are the data cloud's business effects?
Salesforce Data Cloud : What are the data cloud’s business effects?

A personalized offer that you are currently viewing on a website alters immediately as a result of a marketing email you just clicked. That offer is now more pertinent to you than the one you would otherwise be looking at thanks to the company’s use of Data Cloud for Marketing, persuading you to proceed and make a purchase.

You urgently require medical attention. Your healthcare practitioner can provide proactive advice and care suggestions with access to your real-time patient data when milliseconds count.
Companies may use a unified profile and real-time data to provide more individualized experiences in any industry. As you can see from all of these instances, milliseconds are crucial. Poor social media feedback, decreased healthcare productivity, and other costs could result from not keeping up.

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Salesforce Data Cloud : A customer data platform (CDP) is this?

Customer data platforms, which have traditionally served as more of a marketing tool, combine disparate data sources into a single, shared picture. Salesforce Data Cloud goes one step further by instantly delivering an almost endless amount of dynamic data to Customer 360. As a result, faster than ever, your client database is always being updated with fresh information from all of their interactions.

Additionally, its huge scale, consistently updated data, and unified profile allow:

  • artificial intelligence that continuously updates outputs
  • automated processes that are instantly adaptable to fresh data
  • a level of analytics precision never before achieved

What about this is novel and inventive?

What about this is novel and inventive?
What about this is novel and inventive?

Salesforce Data Cloud differs mostly due to two factors. The first is that it is real-time, which means that data is gathered and unified in milliseconds, enabling brands to react immediately. The action could be a product offer for a client who is currently considering a product vs one they already purchased last week, or it could be a service engagement for a customer who is currently experiencing a problem. This opens up a whole new realm of customer connection for brands that wasn’t before conceivable.

The second benefit is that it makes it possible for all of your employees — including those in sales, service, marketing, commerce, and other areas — to instantly modify the experiences they offer in response to changes taking place in your customers’ lives.

There are other customer data platforms available that are solely focused on marketing and/or commerce. That only sums up a small portion of how people connect with your business. When you base your encounters on a tiny percentage of what your firm knows about them, it’s impossible to provide your consumers with the spectacular experiences they desire.

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Customers are affected by this every day. It explains, for instance, why a customer service representative you call for assistance is unaware of the goods you purchased yesterday or why you receive promotional emails for baby clothing you purchased for your sister’s infant. In each of these cases, real-time, networked data is the decisive factor. The first item to do so is called Salesforce Data Cloud.

The Functional Salesforce Data Cloud : 4 Best ways

The Functional Salesforce Data Cloud : 4 Best ways
The Functional Salesforce Data Cloud : 4 Best ways

1. Sync all of your info.

Salesforce was designed to handle primarily transactional data before Salesforce Data Cloud. With the ability to absorb enormous volumes of data in real time, Data Cloud completes our existing transactional database. Salesforce Data Cloud was developed using Salesforce metadata, just like all other platform capabilities, so Customer 360 can see and access the data it stores.

2. Salesforce Data Cloud : Sync up your data

Our Customer Graph data models, which we developed based on our more than 20 years of experience working with business applications, combine all of these data sources into a single customer profile. When this occurs, it makes no difference where each piece of data came from or how it was initially categorized because it is all included in the profile.

3. Engage your data and use it to your advantage.

The way Salesforce Data Cloud resolves identities is essential to this process because it allows you to compile a customer’s whole history of interactions with your brand, both known and anonymous, into a single profile.

A lakehouse architecture is used by Salesforce Data Cloud to store all of this data. This makes it simpler to organize and categorize the variety of unstructured data that organizations rely on, such as medical records, which have historically been more difficult to manage. As a result, Data Cloud can access all of this data more quickly and use it to its advantage.

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4. Improve the experience

What purpose does having a large data set serve? Your customer is everything. Salesforce Data Cloud can resolve all of that data with privacy and compliance built in so that you aren’t looking at each client through a particular lens—a customer opens an app on their mobile device, a customer opens an app on their smart TV.


Best-in-class consent management, automated policy enforcement, and other features will let Salesforce Data Cloud lead the market in terms of privacy and data ethics. Data Cloud is created using privacy and data ethics best practices from the bottom up in conjunction with our Office of Ethical and Humane Use of Technology. Most crucially, the Salesforce Platform extends Data Cloud with a layer of data policy management to enable users to safeguard their data and adhere to international regulatory compliance standards.

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