Ideals Data Room:3 Features For Best User Management

Ideals Data Room:3 Features For Best User Management

With all the features you would anticipate from a leader in the virtual data room market, ideals data room is an excellent choice for a data room. With regard to M&A, real estate, biotech, and other industries as well as technology, the focus is on facilitating due diligence. iDeals Solutions is a virtual data room software provider with offices in London that provides virtual data room solutions for a number of industries, including legal, investing, and life sciences. The virtual data room from iDeals is a cross-industry, secure data storage solution for businesses. Ingenious tools, a user-friendly layout, and considerable experience with international deals are all provided by iDeals. See more on

Ideals Data Room: Security measures for documents 

Ideals Data Room: Security measures for documents 
Ideals Data Room: Security measures for documents
One of the best features of the iDeals data room is document security. Only authorized people can access the servers where the sensitive data is housed thanks to biometric entrance authentication technologies. Additionally, you get to decide what level of access each person or organization gets to each document.
Additionally, you can use dynamic watermarks to secure your documents. Redaction, fence view, protected spreadsheet view, and remote shredding are further noteworthy security features.
With comprehensive surveillance and security personnel, the company’s data centers are extremely safe. Additionally, iDeals complies with the following security norms:
  • Certified Data Centers for ISO/IEC 27001
  • Not to mention that the company’s virtual data room security integrity is routinely evaluated by outside auditors.
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Ideals Data Room: Features for user management

Ideals Data Room: Features for user management
Ideals Data Room: Features for user management

No matter how many individuals are working on the project, iDeals data room makes it feasible to manage users at different levels. You can individually or collectively invite people, define sign-in security preferences, control access to the data room, and grant or deny access to the Q&A area.

More specifically, when it comes to user groups, administrators can divide users into Individual Users, Collaboration Users, Restricted Administrators, and Full Administrators. The access rights to the data and functions are thus different for each of the specified groups.

Last but not least, administrators may always control virtual data rooms and user permissions, even when on the move with a mobile device.

1. Ideals Data Room: Document management and collaboration tools

Your M&A deals and due diligence processes will move more quickly with the help of iDeals data room software, which incorporates a number of communication and document management tools.
Users with little IT expertise can quickly upload data to the system and manage permissions thanks to the drag and drop mechanism.
There are no restrictions on the number of papers, and you can opt to quickly upload large numbers of documents. Additionally, you don’t need to change the layout of the papers because they are immediately converted to PDFs when uploaded. All of the documents are also automatically arranged for quick access and private reading.
Users can collaborate more easily because the data rooms incorporate live discussion boards and FAQ sections. In order to ensure that they receive assistance from a subject-matter expert, users have the option of indicating the domain (financial, legal, etc.) that the query relates to.
The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system of the VDR makes finding the necessary documents quite simple. All you need to do to find a specific document is type its name into the search box.

2. Ideals Data Room: Additional attributes

Ideals Data Room: Additional attributes
Ideals Data Room: Additional attributes
The iDeals data room has a user-friendly interface that is similar to the email interface that most users are used to. Even for users who have no IT skills, the learning curve is essentially nonexistent.
The user interface provides choices similar to those in emails, such as carbon, blind copy, and forward. The data room in the communications site also allows users to attach links to files.
You can alter the header and footer, add your company’s logo, and specify the terms of access to the virtual data room’s interface. You may also alter the language preferences and turn on automatic translation for up to 90 languages.
Finally, the iDeals data room team has made all of the essential tools for conducting business available on mobile platforms.

3. Ideals Data Room: Price ranges

The three virtual data room plans offered by iDeals data room are Pro, Business, and Enterprise. The main areas where the virtual data room packages vary are the amount of storage and the quantity of projects and administrators.
The Pro plan is the entry-level option, which is appropriate for small and medium-sized projects because it comes with one project, five administrators, and up to 10GB of storage.
In terms of the Business plan, you get all the advantages of the Pro plan as well as the ability to appoint an unlimited number of administrators to the virtual data room and work on an infinite number of projects. The storage capacity has also been raised to 250GB. The bundle also contains extra features like extended customer assistance, document labels, and sophisticated Q&A.
Everything in the business plan is included in the enterprise plan, along with a specialized project team, a personalized data retention policy, and postponed invoicing (until the project is complete). For large projects, the Enterprise plan is a fantastic all-around option.
The business doesn’t disclose pricing information. You must get in touch with the sales staff to request a quote for the package you’ve chosen. It’s also important to point out that each plan offers a 30-day free trial.


With the use of specialized digital boardroom software, iDeals data room provider also helps board management and communications.With appropriate versatility, the iDeals data room can accommodate companies of all sizes, from small, local businesses to large, global corporations. Companies in the M&A, real estate, life sciences, and investment banking sectors benefit from the services provided by this data room provider.

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